History of the internet | The history of internet of things | History of internet speeds.

History of the internet | The history of internet of things | History of internet speeds. Can we imagin world without internet ? answer will be 'No'. We cant imagin today's world without internet. Today everything is connected through the help of internet or also know as internet of things. Internet of things required fast internet so it's now possible because internet speed has changed with the changes of time so let's discuss brief history of internet, the history of internet of things, History of internet speeds or in short History of the internet.

1) History of the internet.            If we talk about history of the internet than questions arise who is the inventor ? There will be no answer because it's impossible to give credit to a single person. The internet was work of many scientists engineer s and yes programmers who made this imaginary thing possible. Nikola Tesla was the scientists who come with the concept of 'world wireless system' where a…

Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

Future transportation technology will blow your mind because world is moving very fast. There was an era when we use animal for means of transportation, now we use motor engine for the transportation but we will talk about future transportation technology, future transportation technology 2050 or future new transportation technology        According to some report next generation transportation technology will be autonomous and self-powered technology, where driver will be required for driving and it will get energy from self-powered energy sources So lets guess what are changes going in future transportation technology.
1) Future transportation flying car technology.
  According to some reports flying car technology will be realistic in 10 to 15 years, some company like UBER testing flying taxis for its business. If we believe in rumors then flying car will be more efficient than petrol or diesel powered car. Now a question arises that  why we need flying car ? Just to show off or rea…

Importance of Robot in human life

Importance of Robot in human life
Robotare tools which we use to solve our problems, That was easy definition of robot. In other definition we can say robot are masterpiece of engineering which helps us in our day to day work. If we are in Home then we take help of various items such as Mixer grinder, vaccum cleaner, washing machine and etc. In the same way if we are in factories then we can see heavy machinery helping to solve our problems in minutes of time.

Why Robot required?
As we know human being has abilities to do limits of work that means it can't go against nature, that means Human can't work non stop, it cannot work in any weather conditions, heavy work cannot be done so we come with a solution to take machine help to short out this problem, so here comes Robot which can do all this work without wasting any time.
As from the above lines we can understand what robot means, Now I want to target a specific points where robot drastically change human life.

Robot in hospit…