India Space Station

India own space station

India now have a bigger plane for space.It plans to have its own space station, according to chairman of the Indian Space Research Station (ISRO) india will set up its own station within seven years
                The space station will most likely be used to conduct microgravity experiments.The space station won't be very big.It will have a mass of 20 tonnes.It will have provision for people to live for 15 - 20 days and it would be placed in an orbit 400 km above earth
      The only countries that have space stations so far are The US , Russia and China and now India is going to compete with these countries

What is space station ?

Space station is an artificial structure placed in orbit having the power supplies and environmental systems that is necessary to support human life or we can say that it is a large spacecraft or man made station in space.It is a home of astronaut outside the earth that have science lab for the studies of human behavior and life in solar system

First space station

Russia is the first country to have this space station. The Salyut-1 station, which is in orbit in 1971, is actually a combination of Alma and the Soyuz space system. The Almaz system was originally intended for civilian purposes for the space and allied armies.

Second space station

Second space station was launched by America that name was Skylab or it also know international space station The International Space Station (ISS) took 10 years and more than 30 missions to assemble. This is the result of unprecedented scientific and technical cooperation between five space agencies in 15 countries. The ISS is intended for government initiatives, but there are new opportunities for the use of the commercial and academic ISS with the support of the National Institute of the ISS.

Third space station

China was the third country that make it own space station Chinese Space Station will be roughly one-fifth the mass of the International Space Station and about the size of the decommissioned Russian Airspace station.It was launched in
29 SEP 2011. The Tiangong-1 space station was operated for two years by a two-year-old Shenzhou spacecraft. The first unattended Shenzhen (Shenzhen 8) was successfully connected to the module in November 2011.            


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