Future of electric Vehicle

  • Future of electric Vehicle

Future is changing,Now world is shifting from resources to renewal resources step by step.it's time for vehicle to shift from traditional petrol diesel to electric mode.
Right now, electric cars make up less than 5% of all car sales, but that’s about to change.It’s clear to see that we’re at the start of a race to develop commercially successful electric cars.
As automakers ramp up production for evermore EVs,growth in EV adoption could drive a 300-fold increase in electricity consumption by 2040, compared to 2016

Future of electric vehicle in developing countries

In countries like China and India, imports of oil have steadily risen over the last decade,Currently, China, the US, and India are the three largest importers of foreign oil.That means more reserves are use for importing oil and that produces more air pollution so EVs give proper solution for this matter through which we can save our cash reserves and maintain environmental problem.

EVs in India

India government is planning for mandate EVs after 2030 but seeing Indian culture and population it's seems to be impossible So far, India’s EV plans stayed only on paper because of a lack of infrastructure that electric vehicles require and if we see the data then  the current state of EV infrastructure in India is pathetic. As per a report there are only 222 charging stations with 353 charging points in whole of India.

EVs in China

China is known as father of EVs,China has 99% of the world’s 250 million electric two-wheelers. That’s nearly hundred times the total number of electric passenger cars in the world.Today, electric bikes are so common in China that they account around 80% of all the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by the use of electric vehicles in the entire world.China has been aggressively pursuing EVs, both to cut air pollution and to develop a strong industry.Now country is looking to cut back oil consumption, clear up its air and look for new ways to compete with global automobile powerhouses in Japan, Europe and North America.


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