Google future vision

Google future vision

Google the word which don't require any definition. Google itself answer of many unsolved questions but where will Google stand's after 100 of years. That's the giant question for giant company. So before any conclusions let's talk about the fact of Google.

Search engine of Google

77% of people of whole world searches through Google search engine and that's the huge number. I think the number it self tells whole story. The world population is around 7.6 Billion where as Google is around 5.3 Billion that's too when Google is ban in China.

Google future vision

Gmail service of Google

If you are reading this blog through android or browse through crome then you are probably a customer of Google. When we see the roughly data of Gmail users then it will be around 88% of whole world in which 60% users use Gmail as their primary mail.

Google future vision

Mr YouTubeGoogle future vision

If we talk about YouTube then it is second largest search engine after Google itself. As per data specified 100 hr content are uploaded every minute that's help YouTube to become largest video streaming platform. Google had acquired YouTube in 2006 with an amount money of 1.6 Billion.

Google future vision


Android was another acquisition by Google. At the time of acquisition many critics said that it was foolish deal but now that foolish people don't seen anywhere. As we know that 80 to 88% of mobile sold in world runs on android platform
So after a overview of Google empire and let's talk about Google future vision.
When Google started its business it was was only search engine company but now it has diversified it's business. So Google is graduating from being simple fiber optics network to wearable technology so to classify it's business with some point

Google future vision

1 ) Investing in retail sector

Amazon a largest e-commerce company holding top position in the revenue department. So Google has started to invest in this business, it has acquired  small e-commerce platform to compete with the dominating company of this sector. The latest acquisition was done in India where Google collaborate with Walmart to acquire Flipkart the rival of Amazon in India.

2 ) Building of robotic empire

Google knew that future depend on robotic industry so Google is investing heavily in this business, recently it has bought half dozen of company in its portfolio. Some company which bought by Google are Boston Dynamic, Meka Robotic, Redwood Robotic and etc. Boston Dynamic known for its advance robotic instruments. This company have tie up with US army to provide advance technology to the army.

3 ) Self driving cars

Now the world has drastically change. Time have come were machine can understand machine language. Autonomous cars gearing up to replace the manual cars. Autonomous cars don't have any driver, car itself analysis the environment and make it ways. Google has invested in this business to provide technology support to autonomous cars as Google know the importance of this business.

4 ) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in simple terms means , making gadget smarter or the machine which can understand machine language. Google investing in Home artificial intelligence gadget to make our home and offices smarter

5 ) Wearable Devices

        Google with the help of nano technology and artificial intelligence has made wearable devices that helps in making Human Life much easier. Google sunglasses is one of the wearable devices which helps to navigate without any command. Such more Devices are in the list of Google

So Google future vision is very strong and very futuristic


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