Hydrogen The next generation Fuel

Hydrogen The next generation Fuel 

Over a period of time scientists have been researching over The energy so that our future can be saved.As we know non-renewable energy are used only for one time and this are limited in source that means there Will be a time when no energy will left for use.So the scientists are researching on renewable energy which can be generated from natural resources. Renewable energy can be used again and again those energy are found from solar energy, wind energy, and water energy

Now scientists are researching on new era of energy that is hydrogen energy which can be used as a fuel.hydrogen is plentiful in sources. A hydrogen fuel in a car produces zero emissions
Hydrogen can be produced from an extremely wide range of sources, but most of the world’s hydrogen is presently produced by reformation of natural gas. There is another approach to deliver hydrogen without utilizing non-renewable energy sources in the process through Renewable wellsprings of energy  PV, hydro, wind, geothermal and biomass can be saddled to create power..

Now if we talk about the process then
The two most common methods for producing hydrogen are used 1)steam reforming and 2) electrolysis
Steam reforming
Currently, steam reforming is the cheapest way to produce hydrogen. This process is used in industry to remove hydrogen atoms from methane carbon atoms. Steam reforming processes result in CO2 emissions.
Electrolysis is the process by which hydrogen is separated from water by a current. Electrolysis produces no emissions other than hydrogen and oxygen. If the electricity used in electrolysis is produced from fossil fuels, then the pollution and carbon dioxide emissions produced from those fuels so we can use renewable sources such as hydro, wind, or solar energy for electrolysis process
So Private and public investment in hydrogen technology should be increased substantially so that it can be available for public use easily. As we know the largest reductions in oil demand and greenhouse gas emissions will come from improved fuel economy and biofuels with the year of time


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