Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

Future transportation technology will blow your mind because world is moving very fast. There was an era when we use animal for means of transportation, now we use motor engine for the transportation but we will talk about future transportation technology, future transportation technology 2050 or future new transportation technology

       According to some report next generation transportation technology will be autonomous and self-powered technology, where driver will be required for driving and it will get energy from self-powered energy sources
So lets guess what are changes going in future transportation technology.

1) Future transportation flying car technology.

  According to some reports flying car technology will be realistic in 10 to 15 years, some company like UBER testing flying taxis for its business. If we believe in rumors then flying car will be more efficient than petrol or diesel powered car. Now a question arises that  why we need flying car ? Just to show off or really it's have a demand.
Actually its a demand because world now become a global village where people want fastest means of transport to reach from one place to another. We don't have time to wait that a reason flying car seems to be the option for the fastest eans o transportation.
Now let's discuss problem of flying car.

Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

a) Land already becomes populated only atmosphere or air surface was left now through the flying technology we are going to populate our atmosphere too.

b) It will be harmful for bird's who fly in open air, as we know how much harm we have made to our forest now its seem we are going to harm those free birds.

c) Weather may become barrier for the flying car as weather not stay same all time different season have different weather where as flying car can only fly in normal weather.

2) Future technology in rail transportation.

                 Train series of connected cars or can say vehicle that runs on special track that know as rail road track. Train is the fastest means of transportation on land, longer distance travel done through rail transportation so with the modern world the train is also changing, so let's talk on our topic Future technology in rail transportation.

Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

      There was a time when train use steam engine for transportation, then it changes to diesel based engine after that it shifted to electric energy with the shifting of energy train speed was also changes
              Now I will talk on two form of technology which will change the way of rail transportation.

a) Train based on Hydrogen energy.

            As we know train is based on heavy engineering mechanism which required lots of energy to run as heavy engine are used to pull the train, it have 12 to 16 no's of bogie which required lots of energy which increase chances of pollution.
       So as an alternative Hydrogen energy are tested. Hydrogen energy is clean energy can generate more energy.

b) The Hyperloop.

    Now this is something futuristic or future of train. Hyperloop concept is different from the normal train as this train run on the railroad bit Hyperloop travel through the vacuum tube. It will have dedicated tube or tunnel where air has been removed to reduce friction and that will help Hyperloop to travel at the speed of 750 miles per hours. One more thing here to note is that the Hyperloop capsule don't have wheel, they float in the air with the help of magnetic levitation.
Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

3) Future water transportation technology.

     Water transportation is the cheapest means of transportation but here is the problem, the way technology have advanced in different sector but water transport don't changed in that way still we lack in this technology. As we know that 71% world covered with water but still we only use this transport for goods transportation, If we can connect one state to other state with inland waterways system then it may transform the transport industry.
Future transportation technology will blow your mind | Future new transportation technology

                                  China is the only country which have long history of inland waterways system that is the main reason china is so strong in export industry.

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