Importance of Robot in human life

 Importance of Robot in human life

Robotare tools which we use to solve our problems, That was easy definition of robot. In other definition we can say robot are masterpiece of engineering which helps us in our day to day work. If we are in Home then we take help of various items such as Mixer grinder, vaccum cleaner, washing machine and etc. In the same way if we are in factories then we can see heavy machinery helping to solve our problems in minutes of time.

Importance of Robot in human life
Importance of Robot in human life

Why Robot required?

As we know human being has abilities to do limits of work that means it can't go against nature, that means Human can't work non stop, it cannot work in any weather conditions, heavy work cannot be done so we come with a solution to take machine help to short out this problem, so here comes Robot which can do all this work without wasting any time.

As from the above lines we can understand what robot means, Now I want to target a specific points where robot drastically change human life.

Importance of Robot in human life
Importance of Robot in human life

Robot in hospital

When we listen word hospital then our mind remind about Blood, injection, operation, nurse, doctor and etc, but do you those heavy machine which doctor use to identify disease or cure your disease, yes I am talking about x-ray machine, MRI scanner machine, madical instrument, ant etc. Those machine has changed the treatment way and help to cure exact disease. When there was no such instrument doctor use to take long time to examine, as patients use to take long time to recover but now examine time and recovery time both are reduced and this only due to robotic invention in medical field. That's show the Importance of Robot in human life.

Security and surveillance

   Security is always a big concern for human being. When we left for job, we always think about the security of Home. Though the help of robot now we can secure our home as robot has such systems which helps help to collect daily data or day to day data and save it for further investigation.

          In military department also electronic surveillance system are use to protect our home country from enemies.That's how Importance of Robot in human life.

Importance of Robot in human life

There are dangerous job which can't be done by human being so some of the works are.

a) Oil companies which transport oil through there pipeline use pipe injecting robot to examine the condition of pipeline. As we know those pipeline contain harmful gases which make it difficult to work for human being.

b) Nuclear plant which have harmful radiation, so to clean Nuclear plant we take help of robot to clean those nuclear plant.

c) Those welding area which cannot be done by human such as, welding at the height of 200 feet, Nuclear reactor tank's. That's difficult for human being so in that's case we take help of human being.

Those are some point which shows Importance of Robot in human life.


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